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Christian Burnham was born in Eastbourne, England in 1973. Christian’s father was a civil
engineer, and during the seventies his work took Christian’s family to South Africa for
several years, before returning to Europe to relocate in Sweden and Belgium. By the age
of twenty he was multilingual in four languages.

From an early age Christian realised he had a talent for riding off road motorcycles, and in
1991 he made the brave decision to move to Belgium and focus on a career as a
professional motocross rider. For the next fifteen years he competed at the very highest
level, racing for both British and German race teams, winning the German national
championships, and scoring regular top ten finishes in the world motocross
championships. His racing took him to the four corners of the globe and gave him the
chance to experience so many extraordinary cultural differences across the world.

Retiring from a life of top-flight racing hit Christian badly. The massive hole left by his
racing developed into a loss of purpose, and left Christian with challenges that he had
never experienced before. His life descended to lows that no one could ever have
imagined, and a severe alcohol addiction rapidly followed and tore his world apart. It was
during his period of rehabilitation that Christian rediscovered his passion for art, giving him
the strength to explore and regenerate the inner mechanics of his creative conscience,
and to start the long journey to overcome the biggest challenge of his life. His love for art
gave him back the sense of purpose in life that he was missing.

From small doodles and sketches to large scale projects, all of Christian’s artwork
embraces a highly personal reflection of his own life experiences. He is entirely self taught,
fuelling a limitless desire to create increasingly complex paintings using spray
paints and stencils as his main medium. With a combination of contemporary art, graffiti
and photo realistic images, Christian has developed his own style, and his work is finding
its way into private collections around the world. Christian draws on inspiration from his very vivid

imagination and his own life experiences, often because of changes in his own life brought on by

his successful road to recovery

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